February 3rd is National Black Woman Physician’s Day. This day is in honor of #drrebeccaleecrumpler, the first African American Medical Doctor in the US. (1831-1895) Dr. Crumpler believed in patient education which is the key to early detection, prevention, and cure. We celebrate this day because of the unrelenting efforts of 3 physicians and one congresswoman— @drkanisha @ciripmd @sonyasloanmd @repjacksonlee who secured a US congressional proclamation to recognize all black women physicians on the birthday of @dr.rebecca_leecrumpler

The road to becoming a physician is a long one. It is even longer and bumpier if you are a person of color. Today, only 2% of our nation’s physicians are black women. We have a lot of work to do.

Would I trade it, no!

I am an MD because of trailblazing female physicians who opened the doors for black women to become physicians

I am an MD because of my amazing, hard-working parents who instilled in me a strong work ethic and offered their never-ending support of my goals. They taught me that with hard work and tenacity all things are possible.

I am an MD because of mentors who, at pivotal points in my career, believed in me, guided me, and stood up for me. I am a mentor because of them and pay it forward.

I am an MD because I have worked hard, sacrificed much, shed many tears, persevered, and never gave up on myself despite those who told me I could not achieve my goals or actively tried and continue to try to prevent me from achieving them

I am thankful for my amazing tribe of women physician friends and colleagues who lift each other up in good times and bad.

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