VANQUISH Fat Reduction and Body Contouring

Skin Wellness Dermatology Associates is excited to offer a non-invasive, pain-free approach to reduce unwanted fat in the abdomen, thighs, back and love handles. The state of the art FDA approved VANQUISH system utilizes radiofrequency technology to gently heat fat cells to eliminate unwanted fat. This results in a safe, natural ability to contour the body and reduce unwanted fat in problematic or stubborn areas. In clinical studies with VANQUISH, patients lost approximately 2 inches off the waist area after 4 treatments, and 1-2 inches on the thighs. Treatments are usually done weekly for 4-6 weeks, and results can be seen as quickly as one month. No anesthesia, no downtime, and no pain.

If you are looking for a VANQUISH expert in the Research Triangle area for non-invasive, non-surgical fat removal, call Dr Brooke Jackson at (919) 294-9440 to schedule your consultation.

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EMSCULPT Body Sculpting

The EMSCULPT is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and sculpt their body. In addition, the EMSCULPT creates the world’s first non-invasive buttock toning procedure.

If you are looking for a EMSCULPT expert in the Research Triangle area for non-invasive, body sculpting, call Dr Brooke Jackson at (919) 294-9440 to schedule your consultation.

Learn more about EMSCULPT.

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I've had acne scars since I was a teenager. I tried dozens of treatments and was content just using make-up to manage my scars. When I met Dr. Brooke Jackson she was so encouraging and reassured me that something could still be done. During my appointment she explained the laser treatment and set my expectations on how the procedure would go.
Dr. Jackson is the consummate professional. She not only knows her stuff but she has an excellent bedside manner and more importantly, she genuinely cares about you and how you feel about your skin.
My skin looks incredible and I'm so grateful. The entire experience was top-notch. Dr. Jackson and her team make you feel welcome, pay attention to details, and ensure that you have a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Dr. Jackson for all your skin wellness needs!

~ VM acne scar treatment January 21, 2018